I am a biotech investor, and former research analysts looking to educate the public about some novel lifesaving drugs coming to market and explain how things work to the common man. Unfortunately greed and ego can get in the way and cloud ones understanding of some very promising biotech opportunities that exist today.  One small development biotech company in particular has fallen victim to greed and ego.  I hope to set the record straight with thoughtful discussion of the medicine and ideas on how to fix the things plaguing this biotech.  To give you some background I have to take you back in time to 2008.  This biotech was run by a Doctor and ego driven CEO who thought the FDA would approve anything that he did because his molecule was so superior.  Well its no surprise that he ran the company into the ground and were it not for the efforts of the co-founder to raise money and replace the CEO this company would have been dissolved and the IP would be sitting on the shelf somewhere.  A new CEO was brought in to take over and develop the drugs in the pipeline.  The company was at a very crucial junction because they had tested about 4 molecules but one of the molecules had already been through two Phase II testings for different cancer indications.  The needed to choose between developing the new molecule or moving forward with an average drug target.

Michael Sheikh

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